Seven whole months

Whoa. I've been freelancing for seven months and I've learned and grown SO much. 

The last seven months have flown by and have harnessed a serious range of emotion. Mental and physical. A lot of thinking about the unknown, accepting it and trusting that its all going to be great. A lot of "what in the world am I doing?" and a surprising amount of "I got this" pep talks. But in the end, I've conquered a lot of fears, done things that have totally scared me, said I had to stop working at 5 (and actually do!), accepted my personal to-do list will never end, and become more firm and confident in doing what works best for me. Not anyone else but me. 

A very smart lady once told me that you should never feel bad about overpacking and being prepared - thanks, Rebecca! I stepped on a scale today to weigh a suitcase (a solid 50lbs. so proud) and realized I've lost a double digit number of pounds in the last couple months. I'm not one to weigh myself, I normally go on feeling in that department so it was a bit of surprise. Even so because I had a pretty good falling out with running this fall. Something about checking a half marathon off your bucket list and you don't have the urge to run any distance again. But you know what I think it really is? Not having a stress-eat worthy job. Not having to run off weeks worth of frustration in one night. Not always looking forward to the next meal because it meant an escape from your laptop. 

I'm getting more and more comfortable in being the CEO and intern of my own company and I couldn't be more thankful for that opportunity. So thank you to my last two agencies and the year and a half in between - for knowing it was time to say goodbye for me. While it hasn't always been fun and games, it can honestly say it was the best thing thats ever happened. 


craftermath: Pine Street Desk

One morning I REALLY didn't want to go for a run but for some reason I did it anyway --lets be real, if i don't feel like running, i don't normally run.  And thank goodness I did because this treasure was waiting for me in the last quarter mile. 

It was sitting on a curb with a TON of trash and one of those "come-pick-up-my-junk" trucks was parked next to it. Talk about perfect timing. I fast jogged home and grabbed my car. After asking a couple neighbors, I loaded it in my little Jetta and started dreaming and scheming it's second life post upcycle. It was pretty dirty but in pretty great shape. And yes I drove around with it in my backseat for a good week before I finally had to take it out of my car. haha. 

I've always thought these desks were SO cool. And while I didn't really need a desk, I needed this one. When would I find another one of these?! For free. I went through a phase of painting it a crazy color but reigned myself in because, welp, sometimes you gotta be an adult. Most of my furniture is off-white or oil rubbed bronze so it felt right to do a high contrast color scheme.


There was a lot of sanding, spray painting, distressing and guessing. The frame is metal so that was all spray painted cream. The chair seat and back is actual wood so I stained that oil rubbed bronze. The tricky part? The top of the desk piece is laminate and my little arms couldn't sand through it so I went through a range of ideas -- chalkboard, cut a new piece -- which I was trying to keep this easy but gotta dream big, right? And finally I just went for it in the 'stain to look like wood' department. It was an oil based stain and ultimately the desk was free so what did I have to lose? I just jumped in and tried staining the top on a hot day and it worked! The stain dried really fast so it preserved some brush strokes and imperfections that kinda made it look like wood! And its perfectly imperfect. #thelittlethings




For a whopping MAYBE $25...pretty great, right?  If only all my 'I don't feel like running' runs yielded these treasures! And the best part? I've had a couple friends visit recently and one walked right in and immediately sat in it. The. Best. 


New chapter, New Motto

I've had this 'little' thing on my to do list for a while -- I'm one of those people that loves a good little bit of inspiration to twist my perspective on things during the day and this is my new motto for this new-ish freelance chapter. It's crazy how just a little bit of scary does a whole lotta good for your day. I've been 100% capable of checking it off my to do list since the day I added it but it was too terrifying because I wanted it to be perfect and the best thing I've ever made. So naturally I dragged my feet for months...because that's what adults do. 

So what's the terrifying part? Sharing something with the internet that I love SO much. I'm facing my own (HUGE) fear of rejection here by posting a few of my favorite inspiring words in my own lettering (terrifying X2!!) on my etsy shop.  That (ridiculous?) fear has only held me back from attempting to create my dream job of making stuff for people a reality for YEARS. No biggie.

I've lettered this at least 1,000 times, gone through a handful of markers/pens, made little tweaks for days and FINALLY love the way this turned out. I'm learning to be an imperfectionist and I love that. 

I'm sharing this because I think a bunch of people probably need a little bit of encouragement to face their own fears and do something a tad on the scary side that's good for the soul everyday. 

I got my nose pierced last week as a daily reminder to live out this new motto of mine. Maybe don't go THAT extreme but do something that scares you a little bit tomorrow. It'll feel good, I promise.  


Granny is ALWAYS right.

I'll never be 'ready' to officially start this business/blog. I could make logos, prep projects for days, think about all the organization and reorganize it forever and probably STILL not be 'ready'. 

But, you know, sometimes it is best to jump in and see what happens -- the best things can come from not being 'ready'! I've been a freelancer for almost 5 months - working in advertising while I try to get an invitation & design company going and make things for fun -- and I can honestly say this working for yourself things is working out well. (honest post coming soon). 

When I opened my tea with this lid a couple weeks go, I decided that Granny is ALWAYS right. I was about as 'ready' as I'm going to ever be to start this journey. I'm embracing the fact that it is time to become an imperfectionist and jumping in.  


  1. I LOVE TEACHING. I feel like I've learned a lot of in my first 3 years of the real world that could be useful for others out there. Things I've picked up, learned the hard way, that were thankfully shared with me, experiences that end up in huge learnings, etc. And I love learning something new everyday so get ready! 
  2. I LIKE TO CONTROL MY DESTINY. I will rent a car when I travel solely for the convenience of knowing I can do what I want to do without bothering anyone else. I love that I get this from my Dad. I'll always wonder how my job would be different if I had always made my dreams a priority and didn't let anything get in the way. Last time I 'started a blog', I had just moved to Colorado and my sister was weeks away from getting married. Three. Whole. Years. Ago. (WHAT?!). Today she found out she is having a baby girl! Hopefully when that sweet little niece of mine is 3, I'll look back on this and laugh. 
  3. I'M ALWAYS MAKING SOMETHING. I need a creative outlet to my creative job. Truth is, it is tough to maintain a normal stream of creating on top of creating for a living but thats just what I do. I have a craft/make list that will never end. And I get asked just about every time I talk to a family member what do I do between gigs. This. The handmade things I'll post about are what I've been doing between jobs, Mom. (love ya!) 

Game Time

I can't tell you how long "BLOG" has been on my to-do list. But my current goal is to make that a to-DONE list -- and I might have signed a guest book at Young House Love's book signing that I had a blog. They are just my favorite bloggers. Nooooo biggie... :) amid talking about it for well, a couple years. 

I'm not a writer. In fact I'm the complete opposite. I'm a designer + maker and normally work with a writer so excuse my grammar. So here we go. This will be my little creative outlet corner of the internet. Upcycling, design, invitations, food, learning new things, free advice - you name it.  

Here's to following some dreams and finally making this URL legit.