Granny is ALWAYS right.

I'll never be 'ready' to officially start this business/blog. I could make logos, prep projects for days, think about all the organization and reorganize it forever and probably STILL not be 'ready'. 

But, you know, sometimes it is best to jump in and see what happens -- the best things can come from not being 'ready'! I've been a freelancer for almost 5 months - working in advertising while I try to get an invitation & design company going and make things for fun -- and I can honestly say this working for yourself things is working out well. (honest post coming soon). 

When I opened my tea with this lid a couple weeks go, I decided that Granny is ALWAYS right. I was about as 'ready' as I'm going to ever be to start this journey. I'm embracing the fact that it is time to become an imperfectionist and jumping in.  


  1. I LOVE TEACHING. I feel like I've learned a lot of in my first 3 years of the real world that could be useful for others out there. Things I've picked up, learned the hard way, that were thankfully shared with me, experiences that end up in huge learnings, etc. And I love learning something new everyday so get ready! 
  2. I LIKE TO CONTROL MY DESTINY. I will rent a car when I travel solely for the convenience of knowing I can do what I want to do without bothering anyone else. I love that I get this from my Dad. I'll always wonder how my job would be different if I had always made my dreams a priority and didn't let anything get in the way. Last time I 'started a blog', I had just moved to Colorado and my sister was weeks away from getting married. Three. Whole. Years. Ago. (WHAT?!). Today she found out she is having a baby girl! Hopefully when that sweet little niece of mine is 3, I'll look back on this and laugh. 
  3. I'M ALWAYS MAKING SOMETHING. I need a creative outlet to my creative job. Truth is, it is tough to maintain a normal stream of creating on top of creating for a living but thats just what I do. I have a craft/make list that will never end. And I get asked just about every time I talk to a family member what do I do between gigs. This. The handmade things I'll post about are what I've been doing between jobs, Mom. (love ya!)