New chapter, New Motto

I've had this 'little' thing on my to do list for a while -- I'm one of those people that loves a good little bit of inspiration to twist my perspective on things during the day and this is my new motto for this new-ish freelance chapter. It's crazy how just a little bit of scary does a whole lotta good for your day. I've been 100% capable of checking it off my to do list since the day I added it but it was too terrifying because I wanted it to be perfect and the best thing I've ever made. So naturally I dragged my feet for months...because that's what adults do. 

So what's the terrifying part? Sharing something with the internet that I love SO much. I'm facing my own (HUGE) fear of rejection here by posting a few of my favorite inspiring words in my own lettering (terrifying X2!!) on my etsy shop.  That (ridiculous?) fear has only held me back from attempting to create my dream job of making stuff for people a reality for YEARS. No biggie.

I've lettered this at least 1,000 times, gone through a handful of markers/pens, made little tweaks for days and FINALLY love the way this turned out. I'm learning to be an imperfectionist and I love that. 

I'm sharing this because I think a bunch of people probably need a little bit of encouragement to face their own fears and do something a tad on the scary side that's good for the soul everyday. 

I got my nose pierced last week as a daily reminder to live out this new motto of mine. Maybe don't go THAT extreme but do something that scares you a little bit tomorrow. It'll feel good, I promise.