craftermath: Pine Street Desk

One morning I REALLY didn't want to go for a run but for some reason I did it anyway --lets be real, if i don't feel like running, i don't normally run.  And thank goodness I did because this treasure was waiting for me in the last quarter mile. 

It was sitting on a curb with a TON of trash and one of those "come-pick-up-my-junk" trucks was parked next to it. Talk about perfect timing. I fast jogged home and grabbed my car. After asking a couple neighbors, I loaded it in my little Jetta and started dreaming and scheming it's second life post upcycle. It was pretty dirty but in pretty great shape. And yes I drove around with it in my backseat for a good week before I finally had to take it out of my car. haha. 

I've always thought these desks were SO cool. And while I didn't really need a desk, I needed this one. When would I find another one of these?! For free. I went through a phase of painting it a crazy color but reigned myself in because, welp, sometimes you gotta be an adult. Most of my furniture is off-white or oil rubbed bronze so it felt right to do a high contrast color scheme.


There was a lot of sanding, spray painting, distressing and guessing. The frame is metal so that was all spray painted cream. The chair seat and back is actual wood so I stained that oil rubbed bronze. The tricky part? The top of the desk piece is laminate and my little arms couldn't sand through it so I went through a range of ideas -- chalkboard, cut a new piece -- which I was trying to keep this easy but gotta dream big, right? And finally I just went for it in the 'stain to look like wood' department. It was an oil based stain and ultimately the desk was free so what did I have to lose? I just jumped in and tried staining the top on a hot day and it worked! The stain dried really fast so it preserved some brush strokes and imperfections that kinda made it look like wood! And its perfectly imperfect. #thelittlethings




For a whopping MAYBE $25...pretty great, right?  If only all my 'I don't feel like running' runs yielded these treasures! And the best part? I've had a couple friends visit recently and one walked right in and immediately sat in it. The. Best.