Seven whole months

Whoa. I've been freelancing for seven months and I've learned and grown SO much. 

The last seven months have flown by and have harnessed a serious range of emotion. Mental and physical. A lot of thinking about the unknown, accepting it and trusting that its all going to be great. A lot of "what in the world am I doing?" and a surprising amount of "I got this" pep talks. But in the end, I've conquered a lot of fears, done things that have totally scared me, said I had to stop working at 5 (and actually do!), accepted my personal to-do list will never end, and become more firm and confident in doing what works best for me. Not anyone else but me. 

A very smart lady once told me that you should never feel bad about overpacking and being prepared - thanks, Rebecca! I stepped on a scale today to weigh a suitcase (a solid 50lbs. so proud) and realized I've lost a double digit number of pounds in the last couple months. I'm not one to weigh myself, I normally go on feeling in that department so it was a bit of surprise. Even so because I had a pretty good falling out with running this fall. Something about checking a half marathon off your bucket list and you don't have the urge to run any distance again. But you know what I think it really is? Not having a stress-eat worthy job. Not having to run off weeks worth of frustration in one night. Not always looking forward to the next meal because it meant an escape from your laptop. 

I'm getting more and more comfortable in being the CEO and intern of my own company and I couldn't be more thankful for that opportunity. So thank you to my last two agencies and the year and a half in between - for knowing it was time to say goodbye for me. While it hasn't always been fun and games, it can honestly say it was the best thing thats ever happened.